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Organizations and companies today are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage technology to maximize profits. Drone technology has taken foothold and continues to exponentially grow as more leaders realize the advantages and multiple functions that drones can provide. The potential that drones can provide in efficient, economical services has not begun to scratch the surface of opportunity.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International states that potential growth of the drone industry could grow to $82 billion, and add additional 100,000 jobs to the U.S. Economy by 2025. The FAA Aerospace Forecast Fiscal Years (FY) 2018-2038 affirms this projected growth. They state that the projected growth of small non-model Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will grow from 110,604 in 2017 to 451,800 in 2022, which is a 32.5 percent growth rate. The number of remote pilots will increase from 73,673 in 2017 to 301,000 in 2022, which is a 32.4 percent growth rate.

When evaluating cost and resolution utilization advantages of drone based imaging with helicopters, fixed wing and satellites, drone imagery is often the preferred system and now viewed as highly competitive. A 2015 study done by (Intercomparison of UAV, Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing Platforms for Precision Viticulture) on imagery of vineyards found that drones were the most economical in comparison to fixed wing and satellite imagery under 10 hectares. Beyond the economic benefit, drones can provide the highest level of resolution and shots and angles of any view. Helicopter imagery would be the closest to drones in this area but historically costs four to five times more in an hourly rate and cannot provide the same quality shots and angles.

It seems that active followers of the drone industry read about a new function or utilization for drone imagery, utility and services virtually every week. Early uses of drones (outside the military) were for aerial video and photography, and hobbyists. Recently, drone imagery and usage has evolved into 3D modeling, mapping, precision agriculture, inspection, highly detailed survey, and inventory. The utilization of drones seems to be endless as people endeavor to create more solutions using them.

Today, drones with high quality video and photography technology can be purchased at reasonable prices. When used in conjunction with an insured, qualified pilot from DroneAscent, the quality imagery produced can meet and exceed the needs of most organizations and businesses at a lower cost – and let’s not overlook the “wow factor” for marketing use. This makes drones even more attractive when compared to other systems.

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By Rick Mills, DroneAscent, Founder, President  CEO

Rick Mills CEO DroneAscent

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