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It was a balmy 15-degree day in Chicago.

That may not seem like much, but five days before it was 40 degrees below zero, and that is seriously cold! Why does this matter?
DroneAscent had taken delivery of its latest drone, the Mavic Dual Enterprise.

More importantly, it was finally warm enough to fly our newest acquisition. The Mavic Dual Enterprise has both normal and thermal capability.

It allows us to do:

– Roof inspections
– Building inspections
– Detect structural issues
– Monitor infrastructure
– Evaluate plant and soil conditions
– Electric energy inspections
– Search and rescue
– Pet recovery
– Track anything with a heat signature

I performed a few roof inspections first. I usually use my iPad 4 as my monitor, but with the Enterprise, I have to use my iPhone until I purchase an adapter for the iPad. Using the house I am currently renting, I was curious how insulated the roof was. I was shocked to discover numerous leaks – all of which were driving up my utility bills. When I presented my findings to the landlord, he fixed the problems.

Liking my result, I then performed an inspection on my in-laws house. Saving your in-laws money on utility bills is a great way to stay in their good graces. I found numerous leaks which they were able to fix themselves.

Next I decided to test a search and rescue function. How well does this drone perform? I volunteered my kids and black Labrador to “get lost”. I set them free in a huge field. Using only the drone, I had to try and find them. I went to 150 feet and found the kids and dog easily within 1 mile of my location. There were no issues and I enjoyed this drone’s great capability.

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Bob Warfel
Vice President of Operations