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DroneAscent 3D Map: Touhy & Cicero Intersection Improvement Project

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DroneAscent’s aerial surveying and 3D modeling provides you with essential data for site preparation. Gain efficiency for large scale projects, and save over 60% over traditional survey costs.

3D Modeling/Mapping gives you a geometrically rectified aerial photograph with accurate terrain measurements. With a raster or grid, millions of data points can be gathered in one drone mission.

When data collection is so effortless and inexpensive, you can focus on analyses and planning.

Quality and 4K video combined with 3D mapping brings your project to life.

With a 3D map you can:

          • Reduce coordination errors
          • Create dynamic engineering models
          • Complete projects faster
          • Win more bids

A 3D rendering virtual representation of your project can include trees, cars and lights.

Orthomosaic maps are geometrically corrected through photos for accuracy.

4K video allows zooming on the tiniest details.

Check out this project completed by DroneAscent.

This project for the engineering company included creating a longer intersection and off ramp. With the drone,  we shot the footage of changing lanes, and roads. We then created a 3D map of what the project would look like in reality, which was used as a basis for the actual work going forward.