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Using Drones for Aging Infrastructure Inspections

Drones are agile enough to scan bridge spans and eyeball hard-to-reach areas. A thermal/infrared camera can further highlight hard-to-see crevices that might not be obvious to the naked human eye. Drones can hover close to trusses, piers, and other structure and take high-resolution images and/or video. This provides inspectors safe data to analyze from the ground. DroneAscent can get started…

Just for Fun

Need a quick break? Check out what some folks are doing with aerial photography art. While DroneAscent is dedicated to the pursuit of providing quality aerial photography and video for our business clients, we can still take a moment to appreciate the folks who strive to bring a closer eye to the beauty and wonders of our world. Enjoy!…

Precision Agriculture Maximizes Crop Production

Drones in Mexico are helping pineapple farmers reduce operational cost by 30% with precision agriculture. A main challenges of pineapple crop management is accessibility. Drones provide a chance for finding issues in the early stages so that preventive measures can still be taken. Drones, agriculture software and crop analysis make the  workflow efficient and easier.  – Team DroneAscent  …

Florida Using Drones to Kill Mosquitoes

  The mosquito control organization already uses drones to search for remote pools of standing water. New drones will carry up to eight pounds of larvicide  and be able to spray up to two acres. This task was previously  assigned to an expensive helicopter. With drones, the innovation continues.  – Team DroneAscent