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DroneAscent Acquires Night Waiver for 4 Years

DroneAscent Acquires Night Waiver for 4 Years Chicago, IL (May 19, 2017) – Rick Mills, President and CEO of DroneAscent, Inc. recently announced the company’s acquisition of the night waiver from the FAA. The permit was granted for four years and covers every DroneAscent Pilot across the country who is completing client missions on behalf of the company. “With the…

AirMap raises $26 million to manage air traffic as Drone Use Surges 

As drones become more autonomous, this company will feed them information about the safest routes to fly, while including all the variables such as obstacles, traffic, weather, etc. – The DroneAscent Team Lower airspace isn’t crowded with drones quite yet. But as drones become more pervasive, a startup called AirMap is building software and systems to help drone operators fly…