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Drone Inspections Save Humans from Deadly Work

Inspecting dangerous places are being increasingly handled with drones to save time, money, and lives. In 2017, 166 U.S. workers died in confined spaces. But that number pales when compared with the 887 killed by falls, the second-biggest cause of workplace deaths after car accidents, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. With powerful cameras, professionally drones operated can easily…

Lidar-equipped drones monitor growth Brazilian Rainforest

The lidar-equipped drone calculates the distance by sending a pulsed laser light to the canopy forest and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. Data is critical to plan new forest restoration programs and to evaluate the success of current projects. To find out more about what lidar can do for your business, please call us today! – Team DroneAscent…

Deploying Drones in Confined Spaces

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or more commonly referenced to as “drones” are being utilized today in a myriad of services. From deliveries to inspections to surveys, drones are evolving exponentially in technology, which creates more opportunity to deploy drones. One of the fastest growing areas is using drones to inspect confined spaces that are inaccessible or just too dangerous for…

Florida Using Drones to Kill Mosquitoes

  The mosquito control organization already uses drones to search for remote pools of standing water. New drones will carry up to eight pounds of larvicide  and be able to spray up to two acres. This task was previously  assigned to an expensive helicopter. With drones, the innovation continues.  – Team DroneAscent