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Are Killer Whales Eating Enough? Drones Know!

Scientists at the University of British Columbia are getting a rare glimpse into the underwater behaviour of northern and southern resident killer whales off the B.C. coast with the help of aerial drones. The unique footage, filmed in collaboration with the Hakai Institute, will help researchers determine if endangered southern residents are getting enough of their preferred prey, Chinook salmon, to…

Scientists Use Drones to Stop Ravens from Killing Tortoises

The population of the common raven is growing in the West, expanding into territories where they have never been seen in such large numbers. This expansion has come at the expense of several threatened species, including the desert tortoise, whose soft-shelled hatchlings and juveniles have been harvested by the ravens. Tortoises up to 10 years old are susceptible, because their…

DOD Using Drones to Map Wildfires

A new drone has been created by the Department of Defense to interface with emergency services to provide information about what is occurring in real time in wild fires. This new drone has a thermal camera, an optical camera, and four sensors which allow the identification of the temperature of the drone in the environment. – Team DroneAscent

Florida Using Drones to Kill Mosquitoes

  The mosquito control organization already uses drones to search for remote pools of standing water. New drones will carry up to eight pounds of larvicide  and be able to spray up to two acres. This task was previously  assigned to an expensive helicopter. With drones, the innovation continues.  – Team DroneAscent