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Thermal Imaging Solves Project Inspections

A Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera, coupled with a 4K sensor
offers the ability to capture both thermal images and simultaneously
record high-resolution video.

Thermal imagery highlights heat or vapor loss, and quantifies it with
precise non-contact temperature measurement, and documents it
automatically. Pilots can monitor and measure a critical or hazardous
objects at a safe distance.

Infrared inspections are highly efficient, non-destructive, and provide a visual qualification of damaged areas of a your asset or projects so you can assess and repair.


• Roof, building, and bridge inspections and detect structural issues

• Utility and solar energy inspections and detect electrical/transmission issues

• Monitor infrastructure

• Evaluate efficiency of HVAC systems

• Search and rescue, pet recovery

• Wildlife and environmental management

• Evaluate plant and soil conditions

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