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There was a time when only those selling luxury properties could afford to incorporate special marketing tactics like drones to showcase a tall or especially beautiful property. Not only is it now easier to get compelling images, provide detail on unique property features, and make impressive virtual tours, incorporating drone photography and video also generates new business for realtors and construction companies by sheer curiosity alone.

The market for drone services through the year 2020 has been forecast as a $100 billion market by Goldman Sachs. Of all the possible markets to embrace drones, real estate was likely earliest adopter of the technology. According to the F.A.A., about 48% of all commercial use of drones is being carried out in real estate, and it just keeps growing! The National Association of REALTORS® recently reported that 80% of people surveyed used Facebook to shop for homes. Plus, changes to the algorithms used by Facebook now give greater priority to video content, which means you have the chance to catch the attention of an even wider audience.

When you need to focus on an interesting property feature such as exceptional landscaping or a luxurious pool, an aerial image of brings the details to life. Drones make it is easier to demonstrate what your neighborhood offers, such as preferred access to a placid lake, a desired school, or time-saving shopping center.

If you’re a real estate developer or in construction, partnering with DroneAscent allows you to share the complete project and history via sharp 4K or HD video. Your new content can be the basis of a social media campaign to show the people in your community what they can expect from your project. Weekly building progress can build excitement as well as find new buyers and investors, or show stakeholders what their money is buying them. Additionally, drones are a great way to monitor the inventory of onsite supplies.

At their most basic, drone photos and video are breathtaking and their use in the marketing of real estate continues to lure people by showing the places that humans can’t go. DroneAscent provides video and photography to market your listings and developments. With our licensed, insured and experienced drone pilots conveniently located across the country, we have experts on hand to help you sell quickly and make new contacts ready to buy and sell. Call us for an estimate at 773.668.4466 or click here to get started.

— Lorrie Cozzens, VP Marketing Communications