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Homeowners’ Association (HOA) covenants and restrictions are a standard part of many subdivisions and developments across the United States. Regularly scheduled HOA inspections are important not just for aesthetics and property values, they also decrease risk by identifying small repairs in advance of developing into enormous financial burdens and safety hazards. With managing an HOA also comes the unpleasant duty of enforcing codes and rules created to protect property values and home owners’ investments. Monitoring the properties consistently to ensure proper exterior home maintenance is naturally a thankless job, but the homeowners ultimately benefit from the diligence and efforts of the HOA. 

DroneAscent can help with one of the more mundane tasks with our aerial videography services. Rather than send your office personnel to trudge from property to property in the blazing heat with a camera documenting everything within the subdivision, our experienced, part 107 licensed and insured pilots at DroneAscent can provide detailed video that you can review from the comfort of your office. 

We use high-definition cameras to create quality aerial videography that can easily identify building and maintenance problems, ensuring your HOA community remains a safe place to live. For example, a roof inspection on a block of town homes with a 4K camera can clearly indicate missing or peeling shingles, encroaching trees, or seasonal risks like leaf buildup in eaves and gutters, while a thermal camera could help you identify even the smallest pf leaks with a heat map. It’s certainly easier and less expensive to send one person to repair a small roof leak than to hire a crew to replace an entire roof that went ignored for too long. 

In addition to maintenance inspections to highlight problems and risks, Team DroneAscent can easily assist with efforts to identify outdoor compliance issues such as: 

    • Unkempt Landscaping: unmowed lawns overrun with weeds, and untrimmed trees or shrubs 
    • Disallowed Vehicles: identify commercial vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, and RVs
    • Trash Buildup: Improperly disposed broken furniture or heaps of garbage outside 
    • Overextended Holiday Decorations: Spotlight homes leaving Christmas lights up until Easter 
    • Home Design Changes: Different paint, deck or patio additions

DroneAscent makes HOA inspections more manageable for managers. We offer prepaid subscription services so that you can schedule drone inspections in advance in accordance to your HOA covenants and receive your deliverables immediately to review. Call 773.668.4466 today to get an estimate started and let us handle one of your thankless tasks.

– Lorrie L. Cozzens, Vice President of Marketing Communications