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As online marketing becomes more prevalent, it becomes harder to stand out. Companies and brands are always looking for new ways to showcase new and interesting content. Many marketers are using drones to highlight their business by creating high-quality, visually appealing materials. Are you looking to attract more customers? Of course.

Drone footage is fascinating. It provides a bird’s eye view of scenery that is both economical, safe, and with minimal disturbance to the surroundings. Your potential customers and clients get an all-access pass to your great work.

Incorporate drone video and photography into your marketing for use in your:

  • Website
  • Commercial
  • Blog
  • Email blasts
  • Presentations
  • Landing pages
  • Digital ads
  • Social media campaigns on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.

Adding wow to your campaigns,  drone marketing creates the highlights and key point-of-interest shots, and the beautiful footage helps you create marketing materials to impress future clients. Point-of-interest marketing increases your appeal in just about any outdoor business: from all phases of construction, destinations, real estate, and every day home improvement services like our friends at Nature Green Paving.

This is the second drone marketing video DroneAscent has created for Nature Green Paving.

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– Lorrie Cozzens, VP Marketing Communications and Sales