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The only industry heating up as quickly as drones is solar. Businesses, commercial property owners and home owners alike are looking to the future to cut down on energy costs and be a little kinder to to mother earth along the way. Drones, and the qualified, licensed and insured pilots at DroneAscent are equipped to provide you with the imagery that will provide the most optimal results for your solar panel inspection, mapping solar farms and installing roof panels.

  • DroneAscent creates accurate roof measurements.
  • Our 3-D models give you easier tools for site planning and estimates.
  • Increase employee safety and minimize time on roof tops.
  • 3-D models are easily Integrated into most versions of AutoCAD and other industry software for seamless workflow and improved efficiency in the design process.

Whether you need drone services for solar panel installation planning, a routine inspection, or problem solving, drones are the most safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to complete your project. If you need to detect hot spots and potential electrical problems, a FLIR thermal inspection could be right for your project needs.

4K and HD aerial cameras offer sharp, unparalleled images and data capture. The ability to zoom from a distance or get as close to the object as possible makes data gathering fast, reduces employee harm, and eliminates liability to the company and their equipment. Made from a few hundred still images, this 3-D orthomosaic map provides you data and analytics to make problem-solving and decision making a whole lot easier. 

Perfect for energy inspections, utility inspections, and equipment inspections, DroneAscent can give you the precision eye, wherever you need us to be. Call us today to get started at 773.668.4466 or write to us here.