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Roofers are used to seeing the world from on high, and while many companies have to explain to clients on the ground the nuances of what the job will entail, sometimes it’s more impressive to be able to show them what you can do. The easiest and clearest way to show clients what your company can do is with a drone marketing video of the roofing process.

Once upon a time, roofing projects started when the company phone rang and an estimator was sent to take down all the details with a hands-on inspection. Now that every reputable contractor has a website, a facebook and LinkedIn account, as well as Google and Yelp review pages, getting new clients begins with creating an online presence. What better way to illustrate the hard work and meticulous detail your team is capable of than with a marketing video for DroneAscent?

Need another view? DroneAscent can also be a boon to your business with a thermal imaging inspection on your commercial and residential projects.

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