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DroneAscent, LLC is proud to announce the expansion of its fleet with the recent acquisition of the DJI Inspire 2. In addition to the HD video system and 360° rotating gimbal that made the Inspire 1 great to work with, the Inspire 2 has a dual battery system, each graded for 27 minutes; If one battery fails during flight, the other kicks in to take over.

DroneAscent Inspire 2
Expanded fleet at DroneAscent

The Inspire 2 is also self-heating, which means it can still fly well in lower temperatures.

“One of the best features about the Inspire 2 is obstacle avoidance. Moving the drone forward, backwards, above and below is now achieved with far more ease, and it is also excellent for indoor use,” shared Bob Warfel, the Vice President of Operations of DroneAscent from Chicago. “I just tested this drone myself,” he added, “and DJI has made some significant improvements that make this a vital must-have tool in our arsenal.”

The DJI Inspire 2 also comes equipped with an X5s camera 20.8 mega pixels. It shoots up 5.2K video, courtesy of an impressive 4/3 sensor.
Added Rick Mills, President and CEO of DroneAscent, “The superior new camera and sensor allows you to take fewer pictures but still acquire the same amount of data. A mapping mission that once took 1000 photos now only requires 700. The improved efficiency means covering larger areas in less time. We can also live stream to a client at 1080p, so we’re excited to able to have this new, advanced tool to expand upon what we’re able to offer clients.”

The new Inspire 2 will start being used in client missions immediately.

For additional information, contact Lorrie Cozzens, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

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