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Drones Showcase Construction and Real Estate

There was a time when only those selling luxury properties could afford to incorporate special marketing tactics like drones to showcase a tall or especially beautiful property. Not only is it now easier to get compelling images, provide detail on unique property features, and make impressive virtual tours, incorporating drone photography and video also generates new business for realtors and…

Create Business Wow with a Drone Marketing Video

If your business has outdoor elements to show off, whether it’s creating a building, installing a new roof, making a safe place for children to play, or beautifying the exterior of your home, the pilots and post production team at DroneAscent can give you an attractive piece with which to wow and lure your future clients. All industries from car dealerships to destinations, luxury hotels and golf courses, to corporate and sporting events can create buzz with aerial drone video in crisp 4K+ video and sharp photography.

Our drones can follow the action without limitations of fixed cameras! Whether capturing details of a special event or showcasing what your business can do from a unique perspective, DroneAscent provides an excellent and inexpensive to way to create compelling content and promote your brand with a drone marketing video. Drone marketing video campaigns and creative visual storytelling are the new art form as well as new standard. Businesses are making themselves stand out with breathtaking, captivating content to set their brand above others. A detailed and exciting drone marketing video can complement your existing marketing practices to attract more attention and views with high quality, engaging content that provides a unique visual perspective.

Better visuals for your business means more traffic to your online presence. Our in-house post-production team at DroneAscent creates turnkey, high-quality marketing videos and photos for you, Impactful special effects, voiceovers, overlays, audio, and video transitions will give you the finishing touches to wow your clients.

Take a look at the drone marketing video we made for Laz Villa’s business, Nature Green Paving, out of Naperville, Illinois, specializing in beautiful brick paving and landscape design in the western suburbs of Chicago. You can see the detail and exceptional quality of their work. It is clear they take great pride in making eye-catching, creative and innovative designs that up the value of the home and make the neighborhoods more attractive.

Call DroneAscent today to get started on bringing the wow content to your business with a drone marketing video. Call  773.668.4466 or fill out our contact us form to get started.

Drones Streamline the Insurance Industry

While civil engineering companies have been steady adopters of drone use for taking land surveys and making projects more streamlined with the post-production use of the collected data like 3-D maps, thermal maps, and orthomosaic maps, other industries like insurance have been evolving with its use as well – like insurance.  Insurance companies are finding the use of drones streamlines…

Drone Inspections Save Humans from Deadly Work

Inspecting dangerous places are being increasingly handled with drones to save time, money, and lives. In 2017, 166 U.S. workers died in confined spaces. But that number pales when compared with the 887 killed by falls, the second-biggest cause of workplace deaths after car accidents, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. With powerful cameras, professionally drones operated can easily…

Drones Perform Building Inspections? Yes

Real estate developers and building owners are embracing the use of drones to perform building and facade inspections on their properties. High rise buildings in particular may be required to assess building safety periodically for insurance or licensing purposes. A visual inspection can be painstaking, expensive, dangerous and arduous if it includes temporary scaffolding or other expensive aerial equipment. Drones…