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CALL US: (773) 668-4466

Why Businesses Choose DroneAscent


DroneAscent offers a wide array of services to business from coast-to-coast.


DroneAscent has the pilots, staff, and equipment to meet your businesses most demanding requirements.

Full Service

DroneAscent offers post-production capabilities to provide a full compliment of services for your projects.

Cost Effective

DroneAscent services are more cost effective than those of our competitors or traditional methods like aircraft, jib and crewed services.

Personal Service

DroneAscent provides personalized service before, during and after your project. Our clients love us, and you will too!

We are passionate about our work, so you can be passionate about yours.

Our team is dedicated to the profession, offering the latest equipment and skills to do the job right, the first time. Let our passion for drones result in a better end product for you. Allow your crew to focus on their jobs while our specialists handle your aerial needs.

In one DroneAscent customer's words " I pay my engineers to be engineers, not pilots." Well said.

“I pay my engineers to be engineers, not pilots.”

Featured Service:

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imagery highlights heat or vapor loss, and quantifies it with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and documents it automatically. Pilots can monitor and measure a critical or hazardous objects at a safe distance.
Infrared inspections are highly efficient, non-destructive, and provide a visual qualification of damaged areas of a your asset or projects so you can assess and repair.

Some of Our Partners and Clients

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

Working with DroneAscent has been great. We have done many projects with them. From the request to the quick turnaround to getting what we asked for, it is a great operation. We know we only have to make one call to them and we will get what we need.

Thomas Burke – Burke Engineering

We were looking for drone video company for our projects, and I read through of reviews before hire some one! We had bad experiences with other web photos and video company’s in the past! Now, since we hired DroneAscent we’re confident! They developed a few videos for us they were punctual very responsible talented people;) I highly recommend this company for any photo and video projects to anyone, don’t look anymore, they are a full service company, and again they’re very talented with their work.

Nature Green Paving

We have used DroneAscent for several projects and been very happy with the work that they have delivered. The pilots are friendly and professional and have provided top notch drone video. The company is easy to work with and scheduling jobs with them has been a quick and simple process. We will definitely use them again for our future drone needs.


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Using Drones for Aging Infrastructure Inspections

Drones are agile enough to scan bridge spans and eyeball hard-to-reach areas. A thermal/infrared camera can further highlight hard-to-see crevices that might not be obvious to the naked human eye. Drones can hover close to trusses, piers, and other structure and take high-resolution images and/or video. This provides inspectors safe data to analyze from the ground. DroneAscent can get started…

Laser-Carrying Drones Protect Scottish Forests

Laser-carrying drones see through the forest canopy and can detect plants native to Scotland plants that are being threatened by invasive species. Another way drones are being used in innovative ways for the betterment of the local ecology and preservation of the environment. – Team DroneAscent

Drones to the Rescue

Drones with infrared or FLIR cameras are becoming a fixture in life saving. In this case, the rescuers had difficulty assessing the terrain and piloted drones over the missing hikers. This provided the team with a good view of the site from a non-dangerous position. After five hours on the ledge, the men were rescued by firefighters who climbed down…